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Is this power circuit charging or discharging?

Hardware design
3月 23, 2021 by Jared 4163

As shown in the figure, the battery pack is output to an isolated switching power supply, and the switching power supply is output to charge B2 in it, then I would like to ask: should B2 be charging or discharging? How does the electron flow?


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Garrett ポストする March 23, 2021

Principle of Active Battery Balance

Take the entire battery pack to charge a single battery

  • Jared

    Jared ポストする March 23, 2021

    So how to understand Kirchhoff's theory, if the current direction of B2 is charging, it should be the opposite of discharging. How does the charge flow from B1 to B2 go?

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Garrett ポストする March 23, 2021

Is it hard to understand?

Think about it yourself

Discharging current is one thing, and charging current is another. The two are relatively independent circuits.

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Giovanni ポストする March 23, 2021

Finally, the energy of the two batteries at both ends is transferred to the middle battery. The direction of the current transient is related to the end of the transformer with the same name.



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